Tables are useful for displaying data

Tables are made up of:

A <table > tag for defining the table.
A <table > tag for the table heading.
A <table > tag for the table row
A <table > tag for the table data or cell.

Cookies Chips
Chocolate Chip Doritos
Butter Scotch Sour Cream and Onion
Thin mint Salt and Viniger
Sugar Cookies Plain

Tables with rows and columns that span more than one row or column

Name Phone Number
Smelly Kelly 802-555-1212 802-555-1313
Shelly Keus 802-681-9865 802-555-1575
Sandy Lenovo 802-986-7896 802-733-5976
Vick Keus 802-681-9865 802-555-1575
Robin Lenovo 802-986-7896 802-733-5976
Month Savings Savings for Holiday
January $100 $50
Febuary $80